The 1954 Dodge Ambulance engine overhaul is finally nearing completion.  Our volunteer heavy vehicle mechanic, Tom, has been working away all winter.  The block and head were taken to Nanaimo to be re-conditioned and returned looking as good as new.  The radiator and gas tank were also taken to a local shop for checks and repairs as required.  Once the engine was reassembled, it was replaced in the engine compartment.



Now the fun began…reattaching hoses, connections and systems.  Some parts and pieces were missing or beyond repair but Tom has been able to come up with solutions every step of the way.  Recently the radiator and gas tank have been re-installed, so it was time to think about flashing it up.


The first engine run occurred on Thursday, 23 May.  Check out this video of Tom at the wheel! (vroom, vroom).

There are still some timing issues and the daunting task of getting all the electrical hooked up, but the team is cautiously optimistic that this vehicle will be back on the road very soon.  If you see us on a road test, like the one shown here, give us a wave.