It has been a busy winter with three major projects for the Heritage Team out at the Air Park, but the Link Trainer display is really starting to take shape.  John and Nort have spent many hours sanding down the surfaces to get all the pieces ready to paint.  The next challenge was mounting the Trainer onto the trailer that will enable it to be moved from location to location. The team had to use the largest hoist in the shop to maneuver it into place.

With the bellows attached to the trailer, the fuselage was then attached to the bellows.

With the prep work done, it was ready to paint.  Upon seeing the original colours, the decision was made to try and match them as best they could. Volunteers John and Keith spent most of one day getting enough layers spray painted to really make it shine.

Final steps will include attaching and connecting the flight surfaces and reinstalling the cockpit items including the instrument panel and radio set.  As the instructor’s table and the mechanical base will be missing, a set of interpretive panels will be made to accompany the display and tell the story of the Link Trainer system.  The Comox Air Force Museum is looking forward to sharing this important piece of aviation history with the Comox Valley in the near future.