Taxiing out for first solo mid August 1939You may recall having read about Harry Furniss on our website some time ago.  We recently learned that he passed away at the age of 95.  His obituary read in part, ” … Harry flew for 6 years in the RCAF at home and overseas in WWII.  After 15 years of journalism on daily newspapers (Toronto Telegram, Vancouver Province) he moved into a public relations consulting career with government and private clients.  Upon retirement at age 59, Harry grew a beard and went to art school in Victoria; gave up yachting after 40 years and returned to flying at age 71; wrote three books of Memoirs, The Flying Game, Sea Fever, Family and Friends … Harry was a cheerful, witty and creative chap who was blessed with many close business and social friends around the world…”

Our Museum is thankful for the donation of his copious notes and clippings made by Harry himself.  If you’d like to see them, come in for a visit!