Cindy WashingtonThe museum is not open on Monday’s but we were having a Collections Management Meeting and there was a knock at the door. The Washington’s were visiting the island from Ontario and so we allowed a couple to visit the gallery even though we were closed. Robert showed them around  a bit and did the introduction to the museum.

I went into the gallery later just as they got to the Air Demonstration Team display and was able to speak with them. Cyndy Washingon told us they were loving the museum, that it brought back  a lot of memories as she grew up in the Air Force. Her partner then pointed to the wall and she was pleasantly surprised to see the Golden Hawk display.

She said “My Dad was a Golden Hawk 1961-1963 , there he is on the post card. Norm Garriock.” She went on to explain that although Norm had known of the Golden Hawk Re-union at the Centennial of Flight Dinner held here in 2009, he wasn’t able to attend as he now lives in France.

I’ve never seen that before. It was one of those great “museum moments” we that occasionally get.