Gary Brammer is back this month, sharing yet another of his interests in our Main Gallery.  This time it’s the Peacekeeping Display.

PEACEKEEPING TWOGary writes, “For the month of August I decided to introduce to our readers the peacekeeping display. A tremendous reason for the welcome we as Canadians receive while travelling around the world is due in no small part to the fantastic job our troops do while on these deployments.

In our display, you will see some of the varied places our troops have served. It is because of their exemplary service that around the world we as a nation are respected and welcomed.




PEACEKEEPING FOURAs part of our display we have a section dedicated to National Peacekeepers Day which is 9th August. As with last month’s piece, there are things our troops leave behind ranging from the physical to the mental.







PEACEKEEPING THREEAlso in our display is a beautiful piece of trench art in the form of a crucifix. I ask myself what was the motivation of this person who made it, had he lost his friend, was he injured. So many questions when you take time to really look.



The included pictures also show some of the losses on our peacekeeping missions.

PEACEKEEPING FIVEPlease don’t forget that in recent years we have also taken part in what have been called peace making missions.

As I said above, all of these troops served with honour and pride and for this we should salute them.






We look forward to seeing you in the last few weeks before back to school.”