One of our volunteers, Mel, brought this book to my attention, along with a link to the CBC Radio Recording.  The book is titled The Shepherd, written by Frederick Forsyth.

“It is Christmas Eve, 1957.  Flying home, on leave from Germany, he is alone in the cockpit of the Vampire.  Sixty-six minutes of flying time, with the descent and landing ~ destination Lakenheath.  No problem, all routine procedures.


Then out over the North Sea, the fog begins to close in.  Radio contact ceases and the compass goes haywire.  Suddenly, out of the mist appears a World War II Bomber.  It is flying just below the Vampire, as if trying to make contact…”

While you might like to find a copy of the book for your personal reading pleasure, you might also enjoy listening to the recording on this link to CBC Radio, read by Alan Maitland.