DSC_0051“Please sign our Guest Book” is generally the last thing we tell visitors after we point them towards our gallery. Visitors leave comments which are always a joy to read but these comments are also a great source of information that helps the Museum shape its programming.

In 2013 we had a total of 8,938 visitors, 1755 of which made an entry into our Guest Book. We had visitors from every Province and Territory in Canada. We had guests from 11 US states including Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, S.Carolina, Texas, Washington, Virginia. We have had visitors from 26 countries visit the museum:

Australia, Argentina, Austria,Chile, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Finland,Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Japan, Mexico, N.Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Philippines, Scotland, Sth.Korea, Sth.Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Wales.DSC_0049

The book doesn’t just list where our visitors come from but also how they found out about us, which helps us decide how to advertise our museum. Most found out about us through family and friends (297) or by driving by (255). It is interesting to note that although our newly revamped website has only been online since October of 2013, the number of people who discovered us online (61) is nearly the same as those who saw a brochure (63). 49 visitors found out about us in other, unspecified ways.

It’s always nice to note that we have very few negative comments from visitors. Below are some of the comments left by our visitors:

DSC_0344Great stroll through history

Most informative – Proud to be Canadian

Fun for kids (and that was before we put in the flight simulator)

Awesome, Best Ever

Very cool to see my Grandpa’s flight license

Amazing museum, people very friendly, helpful

A beautiful and complete museum

Great display. Friendly staff

Great displays, awesome people and merchandise

“Glad you won WWII”


Great job everyone!

– Bill Cuell, President CVAFMA