IMG_6337 (1)“When a person in the Armed Forces becomes an officer, they receive a formal document called a Commission Scroll.  This is signed in the British Forces by the King or Queen.  In Canada, it is signed by the Governor General and the Minister of National Defence.”

Don Manley, a member of our Archive Team, explains that “among our artifacts we have many of these documents but also a rare one signed by King Edward VIII in 1936.  Considering Edward VIII only ruled from January to December 1936, and this commission is for an officer in the Royal Air Force, it is indeed a rare item.  Subsequently, the officer concerned, Sidney Robert Gibbs, came to Canada in 1951, joined the RCAF and was commissioned.  We have that document as well and it is signed by Vincent Massey, the Governor General at the time and also by Brooke Claxton, Minister of National Defence.”