As of September 2014, the Roseland Spitfire is now located in Gatineau,Quebec as part of the Vintage Wings of Canada restoration project. Once complete, the Roseland Spitfire will visit Comox as part of a Canada- wide cross country tour.

In 2000, the Comox Air Force Museum, with a grant from the Y2K Millennium Fund, purchased TE 294 and embarked on the Y2K Spitfire Project.

The project was funded entirely by donations and grants from the general public and the restoration proceeded slowly. By 2007 only the fuselage and tail section had been completed and it was becoming obvious that a massive infusion of cash would be needed if the project was to continue.

In 2008, the Museum presented a decision paper to the Wing Commander of 19 Wing, Comox. It concluded that unless a new owner could be found the Museum would be compelled to shut the project down and dispose of the unfinished aircraft.

The Wing Commander accepted the findings, and the plane was offered to other museums and agencies who might be interested in completing the restoration. Vintage Wings of Canada, a Heritage Foundation based in Gatineau Quebec, was willing to take over responsibility for the project in-situ and provide the estimated $1.6 million required to finish it to flying status. Vintage Wings would then display the aircraft in the Comox area for a few months before taking it to Ottawa/Gatineau and donating it to the Heritage Aircraft Foundation.DSC_4863

In 2012, Vintage Wings of Canada officially renamed TE 294, The F/L Arnold Roseland Spitfire, honoring the 442 pilot that flew over 65 missions in the Spitfire before losing his life after being shot down over France in 1944.