Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!
When do the Snowbirds arrive for Spring Training in 2020?

The Snowbirds generally train in April over the Comox Valley for approximately two weeks. This year the Snowbirds will not be training in Comox due to ongoing travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

What happened to the Y2K Spitfire?

In September of 2014, the Y2K Spitfire was moved to its new home in Gatineau, Quebec. Now known as the F/L Arnold Roseland Spitfire, it has become a part of Vintage Wings of Canada, a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to preserving and restoring Vintage Canadian Aircraft to flying condition. As part of the agreement, the Roseland Spitfire flew over Comox again in the summer of 2018. If you’d like more information check out  Vintage Wings of Canada’s Website!

How can I get my family member's military records?

We often have members of the public stop by and ask, “My dad served in Comox in 19-, can you tell me what he did here?” Unfortunately unless your family member was a prominent historical figure the answer is often no. The military does not keep records at Military Museums, but they do keep them at Library and Archives Canada. You can request your family members records by downloading the PDF at the Library and Archives Canada Website. We also have paper copies of this request form at the Research Desk in the Library.

I donated some artifacts to the Museum. Why aren't they on display?

As with all museums, CAFM does not have the space to showcase every item in our collection. If you have donated something and can’t find it on display it will most likely be in storage. We frequently rotate items and a new section is being built for temporary exhibits that will allow us to bring more artifacts out of storage.

I understand a copy of the Colwell Diary is available. How can I access it?

You can download a PDF version of the Colwell Diary here: Colwell Diary

I have an item I'd like to donate to the Comox Air Force Museum. How do I do this?

The majority of the artefacts on display in the Comox Air Force Museum were donated by the public.  As we are a Royal Canadian Air Force museum, we only accept Air Force donations.  We would appreciate log books, Air Force artefacts, artefacts related to squadrons 407, 409, 414, 418, 442, VU33, Snowbirds, uniforms, medals, artefacts from prominent west coast airmen, Squadron history books, and photos that include as much information about the photos and the donor as possible.  Please phone or email ahead.