DSC_0102On Friday we had a visit from blogger and author Elinor Florence. We have featured stories from Elinor’s Wartime Wednesdays Blog, so when she called and asked if she could visit the museum last Friday we were more than happy to oblige.

Elinor had been visiting the Comox Valley from her second home in Parksville, in order to interview an old family friend and WWII veteran, Jimmy Edwards. Most of you may know this gentlemen by his nickname “Stocky”, but as Elinor related to us,” The only people who call him Jimmy are those that knew him from his hometown” of  Battleford, Sask. (Read the story here)

I’m happy to say that Elinor received a warm welcome from the Friday staff and a complete tour of the Spitfire Hangar courtesy of our Museum Manager, Jon Ambler.

I was able to sit down with Elinor for a brief chat about her upcoming book “Birds Eye View” a novel inspired by her mother’s recollection of wartime encounters with the members of the Air Force stationed at Battleford’s BCATP (British Commonwealth Air Training Program) station, and her own interest in Canada’s Women’s Division. Her mother was friends with Stocky’s sister Dorothy and had shown Elinor a newspaper clipping of  Dorothy and her friend, both WD’s, with camera’s around their necks. This led to Elinor’s discovery of the Photo Interpreters, many of whom were Canadian WD’s.

A background in journalism came in handy,(Elinor was a reporter)as she researched the Photo Interpreters and turned it into a novel with a fictional Canadian heroine. The book will be out October 25, 2014.

While waiting for her novel to be published (It took over two years to get to this point)  she started her blog Wartime Wednesdays, featuring various topics all relating to WWII. Take the time to check out her blog. Her well written, well researched articles are worth it.

Thanks for visiting us Elinor! You are welcome anytime.