May 18th – 24th marks the third official BC Museums Week.  BC Museums Week celebrates the contributions of museums, galleries, historic sites, and other heritage organizations to their communities.  The week begins with International Museum Day tomorrow, May 18th; this is celebrated worldwide.

This is an opportunity for the Comox Air Force Museum to take time to reflect upon and celebrate the work we do, to consider the value and impact of our museum within our local community.  Over the next week, you’ll learn about members of our Museum community and the work they do, you’ll see some interesting parts of our Museum, you’ll learn how our museum connects with the community around us, you’ll be introduced to other museums and galleries in our community, and we’ll finish up by giving you some hints about upcoming exhibits.

Norm, one of our website authors, answers the question, “Why Go to a Museum?”

  • Museums make you feel good.
  • Museums make you smarter.
  • Museums provide an effective way of learning.
  • Museums are community centers.
  • Museums inspire you.
  • Museums help bring change to our understanding.
  • Museums can surprise you.
  • Museums are full of information.
  • There is a museum close to you!

Now it’s your turn!  We’d like to hear from you, our Museum visitors and website readers.  What do museums mean to you?  How do museums influence your thinking, your knowledge?  What impact has the Comox Air Force Museum had on you?  Send your response to; if you give us permission, we’ll publish some of the responses for all of you to enjoy!