Announcing our upcoming Classic Military Movies @ 1300 event!

Starting on April 13th, we will be showing a movie a month (excluding May) in the theatre at 1300. See the schedule below.

Admission is by donation and as the event will occur on Saturdays the Museum will be open for visitors and the Gift Shop will be open for sales.


Tickets for our first movie (The Snowbirds) are available at the museum front desk or at MFRC. There is limited seating so pick up your ticket today!

Saturday 13 April

The Snowbirds – The official coverage of Canada’s famous aerobatic team.  Come and get an inside look at what goes into the aerobatic displays we all get a chance to see over the next couple of weeks.


Saturday 01 June

Reach for the Sky – The true story of airman Douglas Bader who overcame the loss of both legs in a 1931 flying accident to become a successful fighter pilot and commander of Canada’s 242 Squadron during World War II. He also escaped from a POW camp, twice.


Saturday 06 July

The Dambusters – The story of the ‘bouncing bomb’ and the Canadian involvement. This classic 1955 film in B/W captures the tension and bravery of a daring raid.


Saturday 10 August

Reunion of Giants – Excellent story of the Canadian and English Lancaster bombers tour


Saturday 07 September

The Battle of Britain – Documentary on the historic battle as well as the impact it had on the nation as a whole