The Comox Air Force Museum’s Director, Captain Lynn Barley, is delighted to introduce Carol Popkin as our new Program Manager and Volunteer Coordinator.

“Carol is not a new face at the Museum as she has in fact been volunteering here since April of 2016! She found her way to us after returning with her family from five years in England.  Prior to that she had lived in Comox for seven years and so has a strong connection to this part of the Island.

Carol brings a lot to the table in addition to her enthusiasm and interest in the Museum.  She started out volunteering as a Digital Archivist and soon became a member of the Comox Valley Air Force Museum Association Board. She holds a BA in Art History, a Diploma in Publishing and is currently taking a Professional Museum Collections Management Certificate.  In late 2018 Carol was hired by the Museum on a contract to carry out a collection wide inventory and database project. This experience has provided her a unique insight into our collection as she has catalogued and photographed every artefact we have on site!

Through her time as a volunteer and during the performance of the inventory contract, Carol has created a strong working relationship with the Museum Director, Capt Barley, D/Director Sgt O’Rourke, and the entire volunteer team. The Comox Air Force Museum’s future is exciting and bright as we move forward in the creation of new exhibits, building of educational programs and extension of our community outreach with a new team leader for our numerous programs and volunteers.

Please come by for a visit to meet Carol Popkin and explore our museum to discover your RCAF history and its connections with the West Coast. We are open 6 days a week from 10 to 4pm.

P.S.  We’re always looking for new volunteers.”