Dorothy, Randy, Norm, and Jon manning the booth

Dorothy, Randy, Norm, and Jon manning the booth

Once again, the Comox Air Force Museum had a booth at Lewis Park to be a part of the Canada Day celebrations.  We had a wonderful day “showing the flag”!  We gave away a lot of RCAF swag and hundreds of posters, and also enjoyed watching the kids in the jeep along with their folks taking photos of them!

The Museum was open with the regular volunteer staff and other volunteers participated to make our Lewis Park event a success:

Set Up: Dan, Dennis, and Steve

First Shift: Norm, Dorothy, Steve, and Dan

Second Shift: Robert, Don, David and Randy

Vehicle: The jeep and trailer were driven by Les

Tear Down: Dan and Steve

Special thanks to ALL our volunteers, as well as to the Association for providing the much needed water and snacks!