DSC_0080Recently, in one of our local newspapers, someone “sent bouquets” to the Comox Air Force Museum aircraft volunteers!  If you missed it, here’s what was said ~

“To the crew that refurbished the CF-104 Starfighter and returned it to its rightful place: Bravo Zulu.  What a great job and a beautiful paint scheme.  You should be very pleased with yourselves.  I had the privilege of working on these aircraft and even got a few flights in a “dual”.  What an experience that was.  A mach 2 ride at 44000 ft.  But the take off and landing were the most spectacular.  Anyway I digress.  MEMORIES.  GREAT JOB.  WELL DONE!!”


Thanks so much to the person who sent the bouquets our way, and thanks so much to our Heritage Aircraft Volunteers for their incredible work and dedication!