Battle of Britain

Join us on Saturday, September 7th at 1pm to watch two documentaries that explore the Battle of Britain (13 hours to save Britain & Women who fought the Nazis). Each film is 45 minutes long and there will be a 15 minute intermission. Entry is by donation. Come by the museum to pick-up a ticket to guarantee a seat.

While you are here be sure to visit our booth at Rexspo (at the Base Rec Centre) and the Heritage Airpark to explore Open Cockpit day from 10am to 2pm. Open Cockpit Day is an opportunity to get inside our aircraft and learn more about our aircraft and vehicle collection.

 13 hours to save Britain

Documentary exploring the events of 15 September 1940, the day Churchill described as the ‘crux of the battle’ and which is now celebrated as Battle of Britain Day. Dramatic colour film footage of aerial combat, combined with contemporary interviews, illustrate how the events of that summer still resonate with a new generation. The programme offers a gripping and powerful account of a nation united behind the pilots of Fighter Command who defended Britain from the might of the Luftwaffe.

Women who fought the Nazis

Showing the vital role that women played throughout the Battle of Britain and beyond, serving in the WAAF (Women’s Auxilliary Air Force) in the factories and airfields, radar stations and operations rooms across Britain, and in the ATA (Air Transport Auxilliary) flying and delivering Spitfires and Hurricanes wherever needed.

Featuring interviews with many of the brave women who performed this crucial work.