Travel Mugs

Travel Mugs

Hi Jon,

A special “attaboy” to the people at the museum for being so helpful to my wife in her hour of need.

When I was in the museum a few months back I bought myself a couple of coffee cups and I’m particularly fond of my Harvard cup.

She thought it was best that I have a backup just in case the unthinkable should happen, but she was unable to find one anywhere near Vancouver.  She phoned the museum, talked a most pleasant and helpful fellow, who assured her that he did indeed know what she was looking for, had the items in stock and to make a long story short – I now have THREE Harvard cups.

I grew up in south Vancouver across the Fraser from YVR and what was then RCAF Sea Island.  Even today when I hear the distinctive sound of the Harvard overhead I am transported back to summer afternoons laying on my back watching little yellow planes doodling around overhead.  I can still smell the fresh cut grass!!!

Thanks for keeping me forever young.


Paul Dixon