ARTHUR WILLIAM HAMMONDIn my previous post, I introduced you to Arthur William Hammond, a man whose story I came to know from reading a set of letters he wrote to his mother.  He was British, originally a Royal Horse Guard, who served in France during WWI.  His letters to her captured my heart and mind and I found I needed to know more about him.  I spent quite a bit of time researching him and, in the process, was able to learn much more about his life.  I was also able to connect with Hammond’s great-niece, which has brought me a far richer personal experience.  Arthur William Hammond’s life is a story to tell and in my next few posts, I’m excited to share parts of it with you!

In 1915, as a trooper with the Royal Horse Guard, Hammond writes to his mother of the upcoming assignment in France, “I have passed for a 1st class marksman in shooting so my course has not been wasted.”  He tells of embarking at Southampton on the RMS Viper and his safe arrival at the base (“Somewhere in France”). France would prove to be quite the experience for Hammond as is evident from this page from one of the letters he wrote to his parents:

Hammond letter

Hammond’s letters to his mother are available for viewing in CAFM’s library. Look for more of Hammond’s story next week.