ARTHUR WILLIAM HAMMONDIn many of his letters from “Somewhere in France” ( he was not permitted to disclose his location ), Hammond writes of the Germans, some of them only “young boys” in the trenches. Hammond would spend about two years in the trenches and his letters home reflect his experiences. On November 13, 1915, he writes of “an exciting time”, when he and another officer came across a German tunnel in which the other officer “shot a German and blew up most of the German tunnel…”  He goes on to to say “I believe that he will get some decoration or other, but for myself I don’t think I have merited anything special yet as he was in charge of the escapade but no doubt my turn will come.”  And indeed it did come…but only after transferring to the R.F.C.

The Hammond letters are available for viewing at CAFM’s Library. Next post, “The Effort to join the R.F.C.”