image001The annual aircraft wash took place recently in our Heritage Air Park!  The folks from 888 Wing do the work to help us maintain our special aircraft.  This year, they washed the CF100 Canuck, CF101 Voodoo, CF104 Starfighter and the T33 Silver Star ( aka Tbird ).  Following their work, the crew was hosted for a luncheon by 888 Wing.


We thought you might like a closer look at their morning!

















image004Special thanks to: Duke Reid (lead washer crew), Lee Topp, Brian Lavigne, Roy Downey, Dan Coutu, Chuck Hazelton, Dennis Dupuis, Fred Goldie, Jack Holden, and Kevin Kinsella for their time and energy to accomplish this enormous task!

Thanks, too, to Nancy Vales and Kevin Kinsella for the photos taken!