Amelia-Earhart-04Ten ships, 3000 men and 100 aircraft failed to find a trace of her, or the twin – engine Lockheed Electra that disappeared over 75 years ago, but you can find , “The Fun of It”, and other titles by Amelia Earhart resting quietly on a shelf at the Air Force Museum Library, waiting for you to discover.  This humble looking autobiography captures the excitement surrounding aviation’s foremost woman of flight.  For fan’s of flight, there are books, magazine’s and treasure troves of memorabilia to explore, and our Librarian Allison would be happy to point you in the right direction.

One of our new volunteers noticed the First Edition copy and did a quick search online, learning that signed copies are worth thousands today – and some copies included a vinyl recording of Earhart’s victory speech following her historic crossing of the Atlantic. These and other historical gems have been donated to the museum, for all to enjoy – please stop by and take a look!

Three of Erhart's books from the 1930's

Three of Erhart’s books from the 1930’s