Canada DayThe success of the recent Air Show was due to teamwork. Here at the Museum we were tasked to create and operate a souvenir sales tent as well as having our Vampire and vehicles (jeep, trailer and ambulance) on display.

As always, the volunteers rallied around the cause. Prior to the show there was much work ordering stock, based on lessons-learned last time. The display had to be designed and built, and then the stock prepared for sale.

In B268 the volunteers built the famous Yellow Information Booth. The day before the event the tent was erected and filled with tables. The day of the show the tent was stocked, display installed and then sales commenced.

Right in front of the tent the Heritage Maintenance Team made sure our aircraft and vehicles were positioned just right.

The gates opened and the onslaught began: volunteers worked hard, answering questions and making sales.

During the day the Association provided rations, while the museum was operating as our `staff lounge`.

At the end of the day we took it all down, and the following day sorted it and counted it all.

Overall, it was a huge success, and thanks to all the volunteers that made it possible


Colonel (Ret) Jon Ambler OMM CD

Program Manager & Volunteer Coordinator
Comox Air Force Museum