About Us

Meet our staff and learn more about our Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values!

Museum Director: Captain Gerald Turmel

Deputy Director: Sgt. Mike O'Rourke

Programme Manager/Volunteer Coordinator: Carol Popkin

Gift Shop Manager: Miriam Juniper

The Comox Air Force Museum is generously supported by the Comox Valley Air Force Museum Association (CVAFMA), a registered non-profit organization.

All volunteers at the CAFM are members of the Association, and the Association’s Board of Directors  are also volunteers.

This military/civilian hybrid forms a strong partnership that we believe lends a unique perspective to our presentation of West Coast Aviation History and supports the Vision, Mission, Goals and Values  we have set out for our organization.

The unified and agreed-upon understanding that guides our actions.

  • To be recognized as the leading museum preserving the History of the Canadian Air Force on the West Coast.

The daily operations we perform to reach our goals.

  • To preserve, through research, acquisition and care of artifacts, a collection of provincial and national significance

  • To present, through exhibits, multi-media and interactive opportunities, the content and themes of the collection.

  • To build the reputation of the Comox Air Force Museum.

The long-term plans we have formed to preserve our values.

  • To acquire, preserve, display and interpret those artifacts and documents that chronicle Canada’s West Coast Military Aviation History.
  • To create and enhance the collection to become a centre of research and expertise on that subject.

  • To link with the community and other Museums and organizations to promote a wider understanding of Canadian Military History.

  • We value our heritage.

  • We value positive visitor experiences.

  • We value being proactive and innovative.

  • We value partnership and teamwork.

  • We value accuracy and authenticity.

  • We value quality and excellence.

  • We value honesty and integrity.

Comox Air Force Museum

The CAFM commemorates the role and history of 19 Wing (CFB/RCAF/RAF), documenting significant achievements in West Coast Military Aviation History.

Founded in 1982 as part of the Air Force Indoctrination School, CAFM was accredited as a stand-alone Canadian Forces Museum and officially opened its doors to the public on 12 September 1987.