Recently, a set of photos was donated to our Museum.  Brent, the donor, sent along a note about the photos; we thought you might enjoy it:

“While deployed to the 1980 Abbotsford International air show, Mcpl Udo Boehl and myself (Cpl) purchased a small ape toy, joking he would make a good addition to the crew.  While we were talking, the store owner overheard us and offered to make him a flight suit just like the one the ground crew was wearing.

The store owner made him the flight suit and baseball cap overnight that he is wearing in the photos and when we offered to pay she said thank you for your service.

Udo and I decided that he needed a name, so we named him Abit after Abbotsford.

During our time at the airshow we were able to get him on a few flights.






His first flight was in the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet demo aircraft; the Hornet was there to show the public the aircraft that was replacing the CF-101 Voodoo front line fighter.

He also got to go up in the last Vulcan bomber to fly at the Abbotsford Air Show.



I don’t know if the logbook is around but all his flights/trips were logged.”