If you were in our Museum’s Main Gallery some time ago, you’ve seen this Piper’s Uniform on display ~




But if you look more closely, you can spot a change ~



Tucked into the corner of the base is the photo.  It shows a young girl, Allison Langston, standing between two Pipers, one of whom is her father.  Allison said, “The piper to the left of me with the moustache is my father F/S J.A. Langston (whose uniform is in the glass case).  The piper to the right of me is J.T. McKenzie.

They were about to play for Prince Philip on the Base in 4 Wing.  He often requested them to play on numerous occasions on various RCAF bases.

My father and J.T. were, in fact, the two who started the RCAF Pipe Band in North Luffenham before 1-Wing located to Marville, France.”



The pride with which it was worn is evident in the photo.  We hope that the young girl, now a woman, will come by to visit us again!

Here’s a closer look at part of the uniform:



If you’re interested in learning more about the tradition of piping in the RCAF culture or about the tartan itself, check the links to some previous posts.