You may recall a previous post introducing the CF-18 Demo Team’s 2018 colour scheme.  The design honours NORAD.


Today marks the 60thAnniversary of the North American Air Defense Command ( NORAD ). In order to establish a defensive air shield over North America during the Cold War, the Canadian and American governments signed the NORAD agreement on May 12th, 1958.  A bi-national command was created that would be responsible for defending North America’s airspace from external threats.


NORAD had its headquarters in Colorado; military personnel and assets from both countries were dedicated to the defense of North America.

NORAD has evolved over time to meet the changing threats, such as the intercontinental ballistic missile threats that prompted the establishing of the operations complex within Cheyenne Mountain, designed to withstand a nuclear attack.

It expanded its mission to include tactical warning and assessment of possible air, missile, or space attacks on North America; in 1981, the agreement updated the name of the command to the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

Further, following the September 11, 2001 attacks, NORAD began conducting Operation Noble Eagle to defend our two countries against terrorist activity within or outside the nations’ borders.

In 2006, the agreement was renewed, adding a maritime warning mission, which includes shared awareness and understanding of the activities conducted in the two countries’ maritime approaches, maritime areas, as well as internal waterways.

NORAD has most certainly had “THE WATCH” and is dedicated to continue to meet ever changing needs.