The CF-18 Demonstration Team has always been a welcome presence here in the Comox Valley, as spring training takes place.  This year, though, their training will be at 4 Wing Cold Lake.

However, as so many of our Museum visitors and website readers ask about the Team, we thought you might enjoy knowing something about their 2019 season.




This year, the RCAF has appointed Captain Brian Kilroy as the pilot.  Captain Kilroy graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in chemical engineering.  An avid air show lover as a child, he had a chance to see the CF-18 Demonstration Team perform; this experience helped to inspire him to become a fighter pilot.



He pursued his dream of flying by joining the RCAF in 2006, and took the opportunity to attend the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training program, where he went on to receive his RCAF pilot’s wings.

Kilroy was posted to 409 Tactical Fighter Squadron at 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta, as an operational fighter pilot in 2013.  He’s served throughout Canada on the Hornet in support of NORAD and has been deployed many times on international NATO and Canadian Armed Forces missions.

He now is a four-ship lead and qualified Electronic Warfare Instructor with 410 Tactical Fighter (Operational Training) Squadron, where he’s able to use his combat and operational experiences to train future CF-18 pilots.

Captain Kilroy said, “Being chosen to represent the Royal Canadian Air Force as the 2019 CF-18 Demonstration Pilot is a true honour… to me this year’s theme really is a call to action and an amazing opportunity to inspire the next generation.  We’re challenging ourselves and Canadians to keep pushing the limits of what is possible and to keep innovating.  I hope that this summer our team will inspire Canadians to think and dream big while also demonstrating the impressive capabilities of their Air Force.”

The 2019 Season Theme is “To the stars…”, based on the RCAF’s motto Sic Itur Ad Astra.. The team will “…celebrate the history of the RCAF, recognize the innovative and driven Canadians who have led the charge for change and stand ready to inspire a new generation to take up the flame of innovation and help shape the RCAF’s pathway to the stars… the 2019 CF-18 Demo theme celebrates the journey that led not only to a modern RCAF but the key cultural and technological innovations that led us to the stars…

The 2019 season also provides an opportunity to highlight the RCAF’s operational role within NATO, a cornerstone of Canada’s international security policy, as it celebrates its 70thanniversary.

Though you won’t see the team here in the Comox Valley, there are a number of air shows that will highlight this amazing group throughout Canada.