At the final volunteer gathering of 2017, our Programme Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, Jon Ambler introduced the year’s Spirit of the Volunteer Award:

“Each year the Comox Valley Air Force Museum Association recognizes a volunteer that has “best exemplified the spirit of the volunteer.

What exactly is the spirit of the volunteer?  It is not a numerical or arithmetic total of days worked, although all winners have been hard workers.  Reliable, punctual and dedicated. If you say you will do it, it’s done, and if you can’t do it, we get told in time to react positively.  Willing to pitch in wherever needed.  Show imagination and initiative.  Thrives on team work.  Cares about the quality of our visitors museum experience.  Puts the Museum in the appropriate priority.

This year the winner is David Wilson. Everyone here knows he was totally involved in reorganizing the B268 workshop, designing and leading the Hallway Project, getting the Main Gallery ready for the Don Smith Upgrades, designing and leading Gift Shop renovation, which is still underway.

More importantly, however, has been how he conducts himself as a member of our Museum family. When we learned Irv Fraser was very sick last winter I approached David and asked if he wanted to take over as the Museum Carpenter. He was eager to do so, but was very sensitive and respectful about Irv`s place in our family, and would not take any action that might have hurt Irv`s feelings.

The Association gives a Lifetime Membership to the winner, and as this is the first time a husband and wife team have won, for Val won in 2015, she is also receiving a Lifetime Membership.”