Although Jon Ambler was away, leaving the comedians spot empty, the meeting rolled along at a good pace.

Bill Cuell gave the Museum report while Deb MacKenzie gave a clear, concise report on the Budget, with forecasts for the next two financial periods. The Museum is in good standing, the finances are in order, and a plan is in place for new projects.

Mike Hendren then announced the nominations for the 2015-16 Board. Murray Smith and Terry Chester stepped down and Dan Brennan and Kevin Kinsella were nominated for those two spots. There were no nominations from the floor.

Our new Museum Board:

New 2 yr term:

Bill Cuell President

Harlan Price Vice-President

Deb MacKenzie Treasurer

Dennis Dupuis

Dave Mellin

2nd year of 2 yr term

Jean Ennis Secretary

Len Phillips Membership

Corrine Bainard

Bill Cuell thanked Murray and Terry for their service and noted that Sally Atton and Sherry and Russ Irvine are departing. They will be missed.