To help celebrate the Aleutian Campaign display at the CAFM we recreated some nose art from one of the Hurricane aircraft of 135 Bulldog Squadron.

First you get our newest apprentice Bobbi to take an old piece of an aircraft and prepare it for use.  She spent the better part of a morning getting the metal just right.

Due to the aircraft part being old it needed to be cleaned up and prepared for safe display.  It took some time getting rid of debris, sharp edges, dents from storage and rough handling etc. and ensuring it is back in useable condition.


Apparently there is no such thing as too much supervision !

Note she is using hearing protection as much for the air tools as to block out all the ‘helpful’ advice from the team of supervisors hovering about !

The next step once the metal has been prepped is to the paint bay.  Primer is put down and the colour background is applied, here in brown and green.  A mask is used to provide a white silhouette for the actual art to be put onto.


The paint mask is used to prepare the actual nose art location.  The reference picture is to the left on the clip board.  This is to provide as much accuracy as possible while painting the final product.


Jon was the painter who spent a weekend getting the art just right.


And here is the final work placed proudly in the Aleutian Campaign display at the Comox Air Force Museum!